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At present, Horažďovice is the third largest town in the Klatovy district. It lies on the left bank of the river Otava at an altitude of 427 m, the population is about 6500 (including associated municipalities).

The railway line Horažďovice předměstí - Klatovy - Domažlice and the line Plzeň - České Budějovice pass through the town.

In the city center there is a castle with a city museum, sports activities are provided in the area Na Lipkách about 200m from the square, where there are tennis courts, football field, skateboard area and a large complex of swimming pool, solarium, gym with other activities. Every year, a long-distance march Horažďovická padesátka and several times a year motocross races are held in the area in Svatý Pole.

In the summer months, you can use the Otava River for a boat trip. If you are interested in renting a boat, use the website where you will find everything you need.

In the vicinity of Horažďovice you will also find, for example:

Rabi Castle
Kasperk Castle
Velhartice Castle

Šumava - our hotel is an ideal place for exploring the western and southern Šumava

Prácheň hill with castle ruins
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Dryer and lookout tower on Svatobor
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